Introduction to React

Tom Occhino and Jordan Walke introduce React at Facebook Seattle.

Introducing React Native

Tom Occhino reviews the past and present of React in 2015, and teases where it’s going next.

Rethinking Web App Development at Facebook

Delivering reliable, high-performance web experiences at Facebook’s scale has required us to challenge some long-held assumptions about software development. Watch this Facebook F8 2014 talk to learn how we abandoned the traditional MVC paradigm in favor of a more functional application architecture.

Secrets of the Virtual DOM

Pete Hunt at Mountain West JavaScript 2014 discusses why a virtual DOM was built for React, how it compares to other systems, and its relevance to the future of browser technologies.

Rethinking Best Practices

Pete Hunt’s talk at JSConf EU 2013 covers three topics: throwing out the notion of templates and building views with JavaScript, “re-rendering” your entire application when your data changes, and a lightweight implementation of the DOM and events.

High performance functional DOM programming

Tech Talk by Pete Hunt at Meteor DevShop 11.

Developing User Interfaces With React

Steven Luscher at Super VanJS 2013.

Introduction to React

Stoyan Stefanov at LAWebSpeed meetup.

Going big with React

Areeb Malik investigates how React performs in a high stress situation, and how it helped his team build safe code on a massive scale.

Backbone + React + Middleman Screencast

This screencast shows how to integrate Backbone with React using Backbone-React-Component.

React, or how to make life simpler

Tech talk by Alexander Solovyov at FrontEnd Dev Conf ‘14 (Russian).

React and Flux: Building Applications with a Unidirectional Data Flow

Facebook engineers Bill Fisher and Jing Chen talk about Flux and React at Forward JS 2014, and how using an application architecture with a unidirectional data flow cleans up a lot of their code.

Slides and sample code

CodeWinds Podcast

Pete Hunt talked with Jeff Barczewski about React in CodeWinds Episode 4.

codewinds 004
02:08What is React and why use it? 27:17Rendering HTML on the server with Node.js. Rendering backends
03:08The symbiotic relationship of ClojureScript and React 29:20React evolved through survival of the fittest at Facebook
04:54The history of React and why it was created 30:15Ideas for having state on server and client, using web sockets.
09:43Updating web page with React without using data binding 32:05React-multiuser - distributed shared mutable state using Firebase
13:11Using the virtual DOM to change the browser DOM 33:03Better debugging with React using the state transitions, replaying events
13:57Programming with React, render targets HTML, canvas, other 34:08Differences from Web Components
16:45Working with designers. Contrasted with Ember and AngularJS 34:25Notable companies using React
21:45JSX Compiler bridging HTML and React javascript 35:16Could a React backend plugin be created to target PDF?
23:50Autobuilding JSX and in browser tools for React 36:30Future of React, what's next?
24:50Tips and tricks to working with React, getting started 39:38Contributing and getting help

JavaScript Jabber Podcast

Pete Hunt and Jordan Walke talked about React in JavaScript Jabber 73.

javascript jabber
01:34Pete Hunt Introduction 23:06Supporting Node.js
02:45Jordan Walke Introduction 24:03rendr
04:15React 26:02JSX
06:3860 Frames Per Second 30:31requestAnimationFrame
09:34Data Binding 34:15React and Applications
12:31Performance 38:12React Users Khan Academy
17:39Diffing Algorithm 39:53Making it work
19:36DOM Manipulation